EPA Promotion

This action is used only for Faculty members that are moving up in rank.

For policy information related to Faculty promotions and Standard Orders, click here.

Initiating the EPA Promotion action

Once the Person has been selected using the EPAWeb home screen/select person search:

Place mouse over the Actions menu option on the tool bar and and select Promotion.

Processing EPA Promotion - Appointment Data

1. Enter the Effective Date - Date that the action is to occur in the payroll system. MM/DD/YYYY (ex. 01/31/2005)

2. The Serial number will be generated upon submission.

3. Update Working Title as appropriate.

4. Update Base Department as appropriate.

5. Update Visiting status as appropriate.

6. Update Clinical Pay indicator as appropriate.

7. Update Check Department as appropriate.

8. Update Tenure Status as applicable.

9. Update UNC P&A indicator as appropriate.

10. The 1st EPA Appointment date should not change on a promotion action.

11. Update Perm/Temp status as appropriate.

12. Update Funding Contingency as appropriate.

13. Update Dental Faculty Practice Plan indicator as appropriate.

14. Update Service Period as appropriate.

15. Note Pay Cycle.

16. Update AHEC/Other Off-Campus indicator as appropriate.

Processing EPA Promotion (cont.) - Rank Data

1. Enter the Actual End Date of the old position.

2. Update the Primary Indicator as appropriate.

3. Update the Faculty Primary Indicatoras appropriate.

Under the blue line:
4. Enter the new Rank Code.

5. Enter the Modifier Code.

6. Enter the Department Number.

7. Enter the Begin Date of the new rank.

8. Enter the End Date of the new rank.

9. Enter the Primary Indicator.

10. Enter the Faculty Primary Indicator.

11. The Position Number field is not applicable for Promotion actions as Faculty appointments do not have position numbers.

Processing EPA Promotion (cont.) - Salary Distribution

1. In this section, you will only be able to change accounts and the salary distribution amounts. Note: A Salary/FTE Change action
will also have to be submitted if a salary increase is needed.

2. If changes are made, Click the Recalculate button.

Processing EPA Promotion (cont.) - Document Attachments/Comments & Submission

1. Upload the Document Attachments by clicking on the Browse button. The documents can be attached as MS Word, MS Excel,
etc. This feature should prove to be very useful for users who need to submit supporting documentation in order to aid the
approval process for EPAWeb actions.

2. Enter Comments, if applicable.

3. Click the Submit Button.

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